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Hooked 100% Natural Whole Sprats 80g

RRP £5.69 (Net £4.74)
Why dogs are hooked on Hooked! Hooked uses the finest fish and seafood which is responsibly sourced. You won't find any processed meats or cereals in Hooked, just tasty, healthy fish.


100% Dried Sprats

About this product

Hooked 100% Natural Whole Sprats dog treats. Why is fish so healthy? Fish and seafood are not only low in fat but an excellent source of protein, vitamin B, vitamin D and essential omega-3 fatty acids. A fish rich diet can help with skin & coat conditions, Omega-3 in fish oil helps to repair and protect a dogs coat, and can help reduce dry and irritated skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 can help soothe tired and aching joints, especially in older dogs. Great for sensitive tummies for dogs with digestion & gut issues!
Analytical Constituents
  • Crude Protein 44%
  • Fat Content 26.70%
  • Crude Ash 7.20%
  • Omega 3 5.60%