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Yora Insect Protein Dog Dental Sticks

RRP £3.99 (Net £3.32)
RRP £7.99 (Net £6.66)
Available in two sizes for Small/Medium dogs as well as Large Breeds. Packed with amazing insect protein, plus apple & mint for fresh breath.

About this product

Yora is packed with all the healthy protein and nutrients an active dog needs to keep them satisfied all day. Their insects are rich in healthy fats that give pets noticeably glossier fur, and healthier skin which shines through in every way. Yora mix their insects with familiar favourites like potatoes, oats and beetroot for all day energy, plus other superfoods like seaweed, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint care.Traditional farming uses an incredible amount of water, land and energy, including the resources needed to grow all of the crops to feed the animals. Yora grubs are reared in a solar powered farm, and fed left over fruit pulp and potato peelings from fruit juice and french fry manufacture. No fertiliser, no pesticides, no water pollution, no deforestation, no antibiotics.