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Tribal have introduced a new product to their selection... Tribal Trainers! These soft, air-dried treats are made with 70% human-grade meat, making them a tantalising training tool. Each individual flavour in this range contains a single protein source, making them ideal for dogs with digestive sensitivities or allergies.
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QChefs are a range of treats and chews for dogs and cats, that are designed to promote dental hygiene. This unique brand uses cottage cheese, which is super tasty and great for oral health! In fact, QChefs can neutralise up to 80% of nasty cavity-forming bacteria!
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Brought to us by Great&Small, Carneval is an exciting new addition to our unique range of brands. Each Carneval product is made using Serrano ham which is specially cured in the Spanish country air, giving the meat a deep flavour and aroma - perfect for enticing pets!
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Beetroot and Swede Pâté has joined Yora! Made using the same amazing insect protein found across the Yora range, this wet dog food is high in antioxidants and contains natural prebiotics for gut health. As with Yora's other pâtés, this new flavour is hypoallergenic and grain-free!
Made with fresh meat and absolutely nothing artificial. Using human grade meat and no by-products, naturally preserved and packed wit antioxidants to help support the immune system with vitamins and minerals.
Cold pressed dog food made with fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Grain free and hypoallergenic, cooked at lower temperatures to retain nutrients and gentle on dog’s stomachs for better digestion.
Fast clumping cat litter with extra strength antibacterial Odour BlockTM. Keeping cat’s litter trays fresh and hygienic, blocking odours for up to 72 hours. Rapidly absorbing liquid for quick and easy cleaning.
A complete and balanced diet for kittens, adults and seniors. Specially formulated to appeal to all 6 senses with palatability guaranteed, cleaner teeth, glassy coats and joint care for complete body nourishment.
The UK’s first bird food made with no compromise. Made with calorie dense ingredients, free from wheat and fillers, to support birds all year round. With added NutrAvio to prevent bacterial growth and attract birds.
Made using only the highest quality hide, with fully traceable ingredients sourced from the EU. Free from chemicals and tested to ensure 100% safety for pets. The Chew On range are tough and long lasting for satisfaction and safety.
Quality products that last longer, with expert craftsmanship. From 99% natural rubber toys, to UK handmade beds with recyclable filling. Longer lasting and exceptional quality, to provide better products for pets.
Made using cold fusion technology, preserving nutritional quality and increased palatability for cats. Complete and natural grain free diets, with high levels of digestible meat and fish, with nutritious fruit and vegetables.