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At, we know that pet owners appreciate all the benefits that a healthy, wholesome diet brings to their animals. MORE takes pet nutrition seriously, carefully selecting natural and highly digestible ingredients.
The only pet food made using whole British free-range chicken from DEFRA approved farms in the UK. Meat-meal and grain free with added fruits, vegetables and herbs, oven baked to preserve nutrients.
Using the science of Neurocuisine™, Sense 6 guarantees palatability, appealing to all sensory cells used by cats. A complete and balanced diet for full body nourishment, including cleaner teeth, joint health.
100% natural, wholesome ingredients for a balanced and complete diet. A high meat content diet, with nutrients to support joint care and urinary tract. Free from grain, artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.
The UK’s first wild bird food made free from wheat and fillers, guaranteed to attract a greater abundance and diversity of birds. Highly nutritional seed mixes, suet and treats with added NutrAvio™ and Spirulina.
Effective clay based litter which blocks odours for up to 72 hours with easy clump removal. Made with natural mineral granules with Odour Block™, to absorb liquid rapidly to create solid, easy to remove clumps.
Truly natural ingredients, complete hypoallergenic dog food made in Great Britain. Using single meat proteins, and natural vitamins and antioxidants making Greenacres Dog Food easy to digest and highly palatable.
Eco-friendly and ultra-absorbent cat litter made from 100% natural puffed sweetcorn. Dust-free and lightweight, Maizy can be flushed down the toilet or added to your customers compost, cutting down on landfill waste.

Latest News

Yora is the world’s most sustainable pet food, made using insect protein, it is one of the most innovative brands featured here on We.Pet.
Sense 6 is a delectable new cat food available exclusively through We.Pet. This cat food has been specifically developed to ignite all six (yes, six) of a Cats senses.
The insect powered range of treats are an ideal way to introduce customers to the potential of insect based pet food.
We are really pleased to announce that we will be attending our first trade show, PATS Sandown this 9th-10th February.