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N&D wet food - now in 70g tins


Natural & Delicious cat food from Farmina, more widely known as N&D and available in the UK exclusively from, is scientifically designed to meet cats' nutritional needs, whilst using natural ingredients and principles in its creation.

Using years of research in cooperation with experts across the globe, N&D is designed to meet the specific needs of felines by providing a high natural protein content. This is a crucial element of a cat's diet because they are obligate carnivores. This means that they are completely dependent on meat protein for good nutrition.

Offering dry and wet food ranges, N&D caters for cats with a variety of requirements. For example, N&D dry foods are individually designed to aid: skin and coat health, urinary health, digestive health and weight management to name a few.

Available in a huge variety of flavours, N&D wet food is now sold in 70g tins.

This new size will be replacing the previous 80g tin and we will slowly be transitioning from old to new over the course of the coming months.

These tins contain the same great recipes, proven to be highly palatable and appealing to even the fussiest cats. These are complete meals so are ideal as a primary wet food or paired with the corresponding dry food flavour!


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