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Peter & Paul - wild bird seed with a difference

Blue tit in the snow.jpeg

January can be a tough time for our garden birds, as the days are cold and the nights are still very long!

Peter & Paul wild bird seed is the perfect purchase for your customers to help their feathered friends, as this range contains no wheat or fillers. This means that every bite (or peck!) contains nutritionally beneficial ingredients that help birds to thrive even when other food sources are more scarce.

Peter & Paul have created five seed mixes that each cater to the preferences of different birds, so if a customer is looking to support or attract a specific species, the variety offered by these different mixes can be really helpful.

Other bird seed ranges can contain up to 91% filler ingredients, including wheat, maize, whole oats and groats. Peter & Paul contains none of these ingredients, so customers can be assured that they are doing the best for their garden visitors. 

The range also contains suet, treats and even feeders that are designed to be visually appealing to birds! Check out the full range here or get in touch with the team for more information!


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