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Sense6 Cat – Stock the most palatable cat food ever created!


Sense 6 is a delectable new cat food available exclusively through We.Pet. This cat food has been specifically developed to ignite all six (yes, six) of a Cats senses. Cats have a real sixth sense which is powered by their Jacobson’s Organ - a powerful collection of sensory cells used by cats to sense pheromones, food and prey in their environment.

Using the science of Neurocuisine™ Sense6 have formulated one of the most palatable cat foods ever created. The kibble has the perfect sound, look, flavour, texture and smell.

Sound - Cats rely on sound when they are detecting their prey so the all important sound of our kibbles pouring into their bowl is enough to excite any feline. 

Sight - As they can be know to be fussy creatures, Sense6 kibble has been specifically designed to look attractive to your cat for optimum palatability. 

Taste - We have worked with expert animal nutritionists to combine flavours that we know will drive any cat wild. 

Texture - A sense that is often forgotten about, Sense6 has the perfect crunch and consistency to satisfy cats and keep teeth healthy. 

Smell - Cats have scent receptors 40x stronger than our own, using specialised preservatives Sense6 smells as fresh as prey, they’ll be pouncing on the bowl as soon as it’s put down. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about this ‘suitable for all’ cat food. 


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