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Vegetable Starch Chews - tasty, satisfying, affordable


Now available from Great&Small, vegetable starch chews are a stimulating and enriching option to offer your customers' pets, and are very affordable too.

Made with sweet potato flour, this range is meat-free but is available in a variety of tantalising flavours, with ingredients including carrot, paprika, coconut, apple, papaya and peanut butter.

These chews are available in a selection of fun and interesting shapes and sizes, including animal chews like lions, unicorns and dragons! These shapes are not only entertaining, but are also great for keeping a dog's chewing interest as they are bumpy and ridged, and are designed so they can be held between a dog's paws!

There are nutritional benefits to this range too. Rich in fibre but low in fats and sugars, veg chews are a healthier alternative to cooked bones or other meaty chews. There is even a vegetable 'pig ear' and vegetable 'marrowbone' in this range, which are shaped to look like the real thing, whilst remaining meat-free.

The unique shapes across this range, coupled with the strength of the recipe used, means these chews are great at reducing dental tartar when fed regularly (we recommend one per day for long-term benefit!).

The health advantages extend beyond dental care as well - this is the only range of chews to contain added glucosamine and chondroitin to provide a little boost of joint support with each chew!

To see the full range of flavours and shapes, navigate to the 'Treats' tab in the 'Dog' section here on our website!


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