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Chew On Dental Care Bone

RRP £3.09 (Net £2.58)
RRP £5.29 (Net £4.41)
Chew On Dental Bones are made from 100% Natural High Quality Rawhide with added benefits. Made in the EU, with no preservatives.


92% Rawhide, 2.5% Tripe, 2.5% Bull Pizzle, 1% Minerals (calcium carbonate, magnesium, calcium carbonate from oyster shells, magnesium oxide), Parsley, Chlorophyllin, Lysozyme.

About this product

Chew On Dental Bones are made in the EU and produced from 100% natural high quality rawhide with added benefits of Crushed Oyster Shells & Enzymes helps to protect teeth and prevent tartar build up. With added Parsley & Chlorophyll freshens your dog's breath naturally. Made with no preservatives, and high palatability for your customer's dog. Hide chews support dental care, preventing dental plaque formation and supporting the decomposition of tartar.
Analytical Constituents
  • Crude Protein 75.77%
  • Fat Content 2.47%
  • Crude Fibres 1.00%
  • Crude Ash 3.40%
  • Calcium 23mg/100g
  • Phosphorus 23.7mg/100g