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MORE Cat +Light Chicken

RRP £5.59 (Net £4.66)
RRP £20.49 (Net £17.08)
At, we know that pet owners appreciate the benefits that a healthy wholesome diet brings to their animals. MORE Light Chicken takes proper pet nutrition seriously so carefully selects the highest quality, natural and most digestible ingredients to benefit and support cats.


Fresh Chicken (24%), Chicken Meal (17%), Rice, Whole Maize, Oats, Beet Pulp, Chicken Digest (2%), Brewers Yeast, Potato Protein, Cellulose, Salmon Oil, Fish Meal, Minerals, Blueberry Powder, L-Carnitine (1800mg/kg), MOS (1000g/kg), FOS (1000g/kg), Glucosamine (150mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (150g/kg), MSM (150g/kg), Rosemary Extract (150mg/kg), Yucca Extract (100mg/kg), Cranberry Powder (50mg/kg), Marigold Meal (50mg/kg), Citrus Extract (50mg/kg).