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MORE Cat +Liver Support Organ Rich Lamb 200g

RRP £1.89 (Net £1.58)
At, we know that pet owners appreciate all the benefits that a healthy, wholesome diet brings to their animals. More Cat +Support Lamb takes pet nutrition seriously, carefully selecting natural, highly digestible ingredients of the best quality to support and detoxify the liver.


70% Lamb (composed of Lamb Hearts, Lamb Meat, Lamb Liver, Lamb Lung, Lamb Tripe), 27% Lamb Broth, 1% Kale, 1% Minerals, 0.5% Linseed Oil, 0.2% Beetroot, 0.1% Milk Thistle, 0.1% Turmeric, 0.1% Ginger, 0.1% Dandelion