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Pine Magic Cat Litter

RRP £4.99 (Net £4.16)
RRP £9.99 (Net £8.33)
RRP £15.99 (Net £13.32)
Pine Magic cat litter is made from 100% recycled pure wood pellets. A natural pine scent with odour absorbent properties. Biodegradable and dust free for an effective and natural cat litter solution.


100% recycled wood pellets

About this product

Pine Magic is made from 100% recycled pet safe wood shavings. All the wood is recycled and specifically selected for its absorbent and sweet-smelling properties. The wood fibres soak up liquid and odour up to 3 times more efficiently than mineral based cat litters, and the pine releases a natural fragrance to keep the litter tray smelling fresh. This biodegradable litter can be dug into your garden where it will biodegrade naturally. Pine Magic can also be used for keeping rabbits and guinea pigs, safe and clean in their hutches too.