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QChefs have arrived!

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QChefs have joined our unique selection of natural brands!

QChefs are a range of treats and chews for dogs and cats, that are designed to promote dental hygiene. This unique brand uses cottage cheese, which is super tasty and great for oral health!

Cottage cheese is an innovation in pet dental health! This is because its natural antibacterial proteins cling to the cell wall of the bacteria in the mouth, reducing the rate that harmful germs can reproduce. In fact, QChefs can neutralise up to 80% of nasty cavity-forming bacteria!

QChefs have a range of chews available including puffed treats, hard crackers and even crunchy dental flakes, so there is a QChefs treat for every dog or cat!

And no need for customers to worry about cheesy smells in pockets or treat bags - despite being really tasty, these chews are completely odourless.

All treats in this range are free from sugars, lactose, gluten and other additives. They are therefore low calorie, and suitable for dogs with digestive sensitivities or allergies!

Take a look at the full range here!


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