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New McAdams Freeze Dried foods!

MCA FD 3 Up Lamb Salmon Dog Cat copy 2.png

Exceptional nutrition with extra health benefits. Brand new McAdams Freeze Dried complete foods are now available with!

Building on the success of McAdams Freeze Dried Raw Preserve, the team at McAdams have produced a sumptuous new Freeze Dried complete food range for both dogs and cats.

These new foods are not raw, but instead are gently steamed then freeze dried for an aroma that even the most choosy of cats and dogs will adore.

For dogs with sensitive tummies, McAdams' new pasture-raised New Zealand Lamb: Skin & Coat formula is the ideal choice. This specialised blend also promotes a glossy coat, and relieves itching. Opting for grass-fed, pasture raised New Zealand lamb reflects McAdams' dedication to animal welfare and environmentally conscious practises.

McAdams MSC Sustainably Sourced Salmon & Sole formula is enriched with pumpkin, carrots, cranberry and seaweed, offering extra joint care for both cats and dogs.

For feline friends, a simple rehydration transforms McAdams Salmon & Sole for Cats into a delectable, highly digestible meal.

Please also note that McAdams Raw Preserve bag sizes have changed. These are now sold in 400g and 1.5kg bags (SKU codes CFDD400 and CFDD1500).

Take a look at the full McAdams range here!


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