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Brought to us by Great&Small, Carneval is an exciting new addition to our unique range of brands. Each Carneval product is made using Serrano ham which is specially cured in the Spanish country air, giving the meat a deep flavour and aroma - perfect for enticing pets!

Carneval Training Treats are soft and slightly moist, giving them a tempting texture. These treats contain over 70% meat! They are perfect for hand-feeding as a high reward training treat, and would fit perfectly into both a treat bag or an interactive treat toy. They contain oregano oil, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and rosemary which is rich in antioxidants!

Carneval Treat Sticks are available in three flavours and are highly versatile. They can be used as training rewards, in interactive feeding toys, cut up and used as a topper in food bowls... the list goes on!

Serrano Ham Bones are rich in protein and boast many health benefits for dogs including skin and coat support. Serrano ham bones are brilliant for providing enrichment and alleviating boredom. The act of chewing on these bones increases the release of endorphins which calms and satisfies pets, and also aids in reducing plaque and tartar. These bones are not boiled, but are subjected to a natural air drying process which maintains nutritional value and prevents them from splintering so easily when chewed. 

Check out the full Carneval range here, and remember to make use of our amazing Retailer Resources to help you to understand and promote this brilliant new selection!


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